After enough branding drama or website attempts already, you’re ready to get this done. To have an ideal client see your logo or website and go…

DAYUM...THESE are my people. don’t want to lose your mind in the branding process!

That’s why we come in and make sure all goes smoothly for you. We listen to your goals and figure out what’s best for your specific audience. After all, fan loyalty is captured when the right care, attention and research is devoted. That’s why we don’t simply slap a logo together…

At Polygon, we conduct an obsessive amount of research to hone the colors, visuals, fonts and other elements...that will make you so proud to show off that new brand.


a la carte or all together


-look like the brand you really are-

From social media icons to a logo, the foundation of a rockstar business is beautiful visual branding. Here are just a few things we create and execute:

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Color Palette

  • Fonts

  • Logo Assets

  • Voice + Vision

  • Visual Guidelines

...And more to give you the consistent brand people can recognize from a mile (or SF block...) away.

-Finally, people will see how legit you are-

After helping you figure out whether to choose Wordpress or Squarespace, let the creation begin. All about both function AND aesthetics, we’ll make sure it’s easy to use and show you how to make updates after.

Here’s how the 6-step process looks.

  1. Discovery

  2. Solidifying your look

  3. Shared vision board (An excuse to be on Pinterest!? YES.)

  4. Copywriting (Words to convert those dream clients)

  5. Building it

  6. Revisions - and approval!