3 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Yay technology! Thanks to the internet, we now have the ability to connect with millions of people through social media! The problem is EVERYONE and their mothers are on these platforms... which raises the question: how do we possibly STAND OUT?

How do we get heard... Spread our message? Share our passion? Luckily we're here to shed a little light on this topic, and let you know the good news! There is truly space for everyone to thrive. 


1. Know Who You Are

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” - Aristotle

In order to convey your message clearly, it's crucial to spend some time understanding who you are as a brand. This is just as important as having a great product or service. Knowing yourself makes it easier for others to communicate your message both internally + externally, which naturally organically attracts the right clients... Not to mention, it helps you further identify those clients.

However, knowing who you aren't isn't quite enough. (If you need a little extra help with this, feel free to download our mini brand questionnaire as well).

Understand How Your Brand Adds Value.

Arguably the most important component of knowing yourself... Without value, what is there to invest in? Why would someone choose you over your competitors? Pinpointing the parts of your brand that truly make you unique help to figure out what pieces to showcase + help your brand shine brighter.


Be Personable + Relatable.

Don't speak to your audience like a business. Speak to them as a friend. What makes your business appealing? Nowadays, it’s YOUR STORY. No matter what you think, consumers want to connect with the "personality" of your brand, and there are entire communities of people dying to connect with you! One of our favorite things about our network is that our friends + clients one in the same which makes sharing our story much more fun!

2. Accountability

It's not enough to just be on social media, you have to be present. This is the same as if you were to attend a networking event or party. You wouldn't go unless you had the intention to make an effort to connect with other like-minded individuals. Those ready to invest in you want to know they can count on you too.

Be Consistent. Be Clear. 

Not surprisingly, it's easier to thrive on social media (and remain accountable) when you are committed to brand consistency + clarity. Try your best to maintain regular posting frequencies, simplify your message, and have clear expectations of your ability to manage social platforms. We suggest sticking to one or two platforms and doing them well. 

Maintain Cohesion.

Make it easy for them to recognize you. From the visual appeal of your business card to the matching color scheme on your Instagram feed, every place they look should effortlessly feel like it's coming from your brand

3. Be Confident.

Standing out doesn’t always have to mean being LOUD. It's important to have conviction and be bold, and owning every part of your brand will help you focus solely on numero uno. It's okay if you don't have a ton of followers as long as your followers care about you. Catch our drift?

Take Risks. Try New Things.

Being on social media can be a blessing and a curse (Constant comparison...the pressure to produce engaging content...the list goes on.) Luckily, there is so much content being produced that no matter what you do, it'll likely get filtered out over time. It's almost imperative to experiment to see what sticks; and don't forget, "ethereal content" such as Instagram stories (which disappear within 24 hours) is in demand, and paying attention to new features is a great way to capitalize on trends as a first mover.

Tune Out The Noise.

As we mentioned above, it's in your best interest to focus on your own progress. Remember every business is different, and what works for others may not necessarily work for you. While we applaud those who have reached 300k followers, there is definitely room for everyone to do well (+ define their own version of success for that matter)! It's important to remember that your brand is constantly ever evolving, thus the more you focus on your own milestones, the more energy you have to spend on improvement + maintaining your brand's momentum.

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