Q + A with Our Owners Allison + Derek

Ever wonder what Polygon is all about?! We've collected some questions from our clients, followers, and friends. Our owners Allison + Derek took some time to dig a little deeper! You can read more about their stories here, but today is all about Polygon! Proceed on!


How did you get started?

A: I’ve always been a creator.

I went to college for media studies, and immediately after graduation took graphic design classes to combine my skills + fascination for marketing and media. From here, I actually started making t shirts + stickers for businesses which got me into the production side of the marketing industry. I realized that there was much more to it than promotional items - people needed help clarifying and communicating their message through visuals + voice. After trying my hand running EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of the business, I realized there were other talented people out there to join forces with and amplify our efforts (my lovely husband included!)

What does it mean when you say you are a “creative collective”? Is that different from an agency?

A: Ahhhhh we love our collective so much. A collective (from Polygon’s perspective) is a collection of creatives, entrepreneurs, local businesses, and professionals. We’re a community of our entire interconnected network. We work together to provide one another with the right resources + skills to thrive.

There's definitely more to it than just working together though. It’s about all of us being able to define our own versions of success and pursuing our passions on our own terms. Everyone in our collective is thriving because they are able to do what they love and work on projects they love without being confined by any boundaries (literally we can all work from anywhere)! We’re all able to kind of feed information back + forth at all times (and in real time), ensuring that our work + our perspectives are incredibly fresh! Can someone say #fingeronthepulse?!

What’s the best part of being a creative agency?


A: The key to what makes us truly unique is the fact that we're a virtual creative agency. Being able to work with a variety of businesses (from anywhere in the world) not only keeps us on our toes, but it also provides inspiration to keep our minds creatively stimulated on a regular basis. On top of that, it allows us to meet so many different people, and help connect all of these different businesses with one another to create mutually beneficial partnerships + collaborations.


I’m afraid to give up complete control of my marketing. Do I have to?

D: Definitely not. That’s one of the reasons why social media exists - to help you stay in the game! It’s just a bonus if you have a team of employees to hand the marketing off to. What we’re here to do is help clarify your message and your intentions so your employees + loyal tribe know how to communicate on your behalf.

Many of our clients wear multiple hats, and fitting social media marketing into their schedule is a part of the process. We're simply here to make that job easier or perhaps a bit more fluid for you.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

D: It isn’t just that it’s beneficial- It is CRUCIAL. We have an opportunity to have a presence, define how we want to be defined, AND target our ideal audience. Why wouldn't you jump at the opportunity? 

It's important to understand that social media has made the playing field level for businesses of all sizes. Smaller, local businesses have the same chance as larger corporate companies like Nike to thrive on social media (+ in their own way). It's all about the #community, not necessarily the #competition. For a little more insight on this topic, we wrote a blog post about how to succeed on these platforms.

How do you stay on top of social media with it constantly changing? It’s so hard to keep up with the ever-changing Facebook algorithms.

A: For us, this is why being a Virtual Creative Collective is such a significant piece of the puzzle. We do our best to constantly research, experiment, and follow the trends, but the manpower we have in our collective is what provides access to all the necessary resources. 

That being said, the algorithms are always changing + social media is evolving rapidly and constantly. Something I would personally advise is: stay true to yourself. It sounds so cheesy, but being able to have a reliable brand will almost always ensure recognition. Having assurance in your brand's message is a way for you to have confidence in taking some risks. Risks usually equate to more data!

One other note: Stick to ONE platform. Master it. Then build. For a little more information on how to stand out on social media, you can read more here

What do you do to ensure there isn’t any miscommunication between the client and the designer/developer?

D: Another key benefit of being a collective is that we are able to handle all communication in-house. We help to manage the client’s expectations + their needs while also being able to create an affordable, customized solution for their business. Allison then is able to find the right creatives that feel motivated + inspired by the project. 

A: Yes! Luckily, I live + breathe in the creative industry, and I know how overwhelming it can be as a creative to manage all aspects of a project. Helping our partners stay creative + focus solely on what they're gifted in is so refreshing. I'm able to translate the client's needs into design terms, keeping both the client happy + our creatives creatively stimulated! #winning

Is it worth the dollars to boost posts? 

A: Long term: YES! In the beginning: Not necessarily! It’s a great idea to analyze your data based off of your organic exposure. In other words, don't spend any money just yet. Take time to find your groove, post some content, and see what people gravitate toward! This gives you a sense of what type of content will perform well.

Once you have a good idea of what your audience might like, try boosting some of the top performing posts - This will just heighten that exposure further passed your audience + help you target specifically who you’d like to reach. It also doesn't have to be a huge investment (Facebook advertising can be really beneficial - $5 - $10 is totally enough to make an impact!)